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Rock inside the Glock # 100


Doc Rotten formed in Trenton, NJ during the Winter of 2017. After a few local shows, the punk rock quartet immediately went into the studio to record their debut EP Fallout. Followed by their sophomore EP Sick and Suffering six months later, they set out on their very first tour. Their blue-collar mindset and work ethic constantly push them to write, record, and tour.
Their third EP Illusion To Choose, which was produced and recorded by #TheBouncingSouls’ Pete Steinkopf, released on August 31st, 2018. The band started touring in support of this release in September with shows in Japan, Europe, and North America.
On March 25th, 2022 Doc Rotten released a 16 track full length album titled: Unite Resist also engineered and produced by Pete Steinkopf

Born in the middle of a no man’s land littered with shut down factories, 1984 carries with it the authenticity of working class heroes and protest music and, like the rust on abandonned corrugated iron, clings to the punk rock that has defined their lives and music. No need for long speeches, their album names speak for themselves: Failure/Revenge/A decade of pain/Never forget. In the manner of their irish elder brothers ,
1984 is at war and wields its music and songs built for live performances, wanting to be authentic, not nostalgic, respectful of the past yet not melancolic, sometimes stumbling, but always picking themselves up, to continue the fight, move forward and rekindle the flamme.

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